Our Mission

The mission of A Miracle for Debbie is to raise funds to supplement, financially, those who are receiving chemotherapy and need this type of assistance.  Our inspiration came from Debbie Chakler, whose story is described on the opening page of our website.  We will be soliciting funds via mailings, emails, various other notices, word of mouth and through our wonderful facebook page.  We have also joined Twitter and you can follow us at #amiraclefordebb.  We would very much appreciate any and all donations.  Our hope is to help those who don’t have money to pay for simple everyday living expenses while they are going through the most grueling medical treatment imaginable.  And while they are experiencing the affects of chemotherapy, their minds are stressed with the need to pay their rent, buy food, pay for transportation back and forth to their chemo treatments and possible co-pays for prescriptions and doctor visits.  Not every treatment is covered by insurance, either.  We would like to keep our organization’s mission drilled down to the needs of each individual patient.  We would like to leave the research to find a cure to those organizations who are much bigger and have more resources than we.  Our desire is to help the individual as they face the most devastating battle of their lives.

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